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Band and Orchestra Recruitment for current 4th grade students

We'd like to welcome YOU to the District 87 Instrumental Music Program!

Due to COVID-19, we will be unable to visit the 4th grade students at their schools in order to complete instrument selection for 2020-2021.  Feel free to start exploring the programs here, and we'll plan to visit all students at their schools in the fall to select their instruments and enroll!  


Band or Orchestra?

The band and orchestra have different instruments, which means that they have different sounds.  Use the links below to start thinking about which sounds you prefer!  

5th Grade Orchestra audio links:  At the Grasshopper Ball, Orchestra March

5th Grade Band audio links:  William Tell Overture, Champion Fanfare, Panther Rising


Which instrument should I play?

Your choice of instrument is a personal decision.  Use the videos below to start thinking about which instruments you might want to try in the fall!

Band Instrument Demonstration Videos











Orchestra Instrument Demonstration Videos







Tell me more about this program. . . .

The District 87 Instrumental Music program has a proud history, and we know you have questions about what is involved.  Please use the following resources to help answer your questions, and then email us with any questions you may still have about our program.  

Program Overview

String Instrument information

Powerpoint of detailed information

Still have questions?  For band, contact Ms. Kelly or Mr. Chernick.  For orchestra, contact Mr. Mackinder.  


How do I go about getting an instrument?

Students will not need instruments until after they've completed the selection process in the fall.  If you'd like to start exploring your options, though, the information for our local music stores is listed below.  

Required books:
     Band: Measures of Success book 1
     Orchestra: String Basics book 1

If you are unable to find a store that has a rental program that will work for your budget, please contact Ms. Kelly or Mr. Mackinder for assistance.  We will work with you to find an instrument and get your child playing music with us!

The Music Shoppe
1540 E. College Ave. #4, Normal IL 61761
Phone: 1-800-322-5019
Online Rental Flyer

Carl's Pro Band
1806 East Empire Street Service Rd, Bloomington IL 61704
Phone: 1-309-828-4676
Online Rental Flyer



Contact Information

Email links for all instrumental music teachers:  

Pamela Kelly (5th grade band, BHS bands) 

Max Chernick (5th grade band, BHS bands)

Michele Carnahan (BJHS bands)

Sarah Brown (BJHS bands)

Caleb Mackinder (5th grade orchestra, BHS orchestras)

Jason Zimmerman (BJHS orchestras)