Working Together...Learning for Life!

Our Mission

  • Working Together...Learning for Life!

    Our Belief Statements:

    • We believe all students can learn and succeed.
    • We believe learning is a shared responsibility among students, staff, parents, and the community.
    • We believe every student is valued; each brings unique intellectual, emotional, social, cultural, and physical characteristics and needs to our learning community.
    • We believe students should be challenged to develop academic, social, and physical skills necessary for a successful life.
    • We believe all students should learn to develop decision-making skills, set short and long-term goals, be self-evaluative, and become responsible citizens.
    • We believe in nurturing a community that encourages positive relationships and respect among its members.



Important Links

  • Specials Class Clipart   Click here for the enrichment links.   Please email the specials teachers or call the office if you have any questions. 

W.O.W Word of the Week

  • divulge

    definition: to reveal a secret or make known information known

    Part of Speech: verb

    Created by: Jocelyn 3S (lat year)

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