Bloomington Public Library

  • Bloomington Public Library

    The Bloomington Public Library provides our students' many services which can enhance their learning experience! All district 87 students recieve a student public library card at registration. For more information visit the Bloomington Public Library.


Pearson SuccessNet

  • Science and Mathematices Resources for Grades K - 5


    Students must add the letters "BL" in front of their 5-digit usernames and type their case-specific passwords to access online textbooks and activities.

              For example:

              Username: BL87878 (this is different from your S.R.I./R.C. use name)

              Password:  ZigZagg88 (This is the same as your S.R.I./R.C. username)

    Click the Pearson SuccessNet banner below to access your online textbook and complete assigned activities:

    Pearson Link

Scholastic Reading Apps

  • Scholastic Login Page

    Fast Math       SRI      Reading Counts