Working Together...Learning for Life!

Our Mission

  • Working Together...Learning for Life!

    Our Belief Statements:

    • We believe all students can learn and succeed.
    • We believe learning is a shared responsibility among students, staff, parents, and the community.
    • We believe every student is valued; each brings unique intellectual, emotional, social, cultural, and physical characteristics and needs to our learning community.
    • We believe students should be challenged to develop academic, social, and physical skills necessary for a successful life.
    • We believe all students should learn to develop decision-making skills, set short and long-term goals, be self-evaluative, and become responsible citizens.
    • We believe in nurturing a community that encourages positive relationships and respect among its members.



Important Links

  • Join Mr. Lockenvitz for the Morning Announcments

    Morning Announcements Image with Mr. Lockenvitz and a wolf

    Click this link to watch today's announcements


        Images for Specials classes - Music, Library, Art and Music

    Click here for the enrichment links.   

    Please email the specials teachers or call the office if you have any questions. 

     Specialist enrichment time will be for the week of November 30th-December 4th:

    K-2     1:30-2:00
    3-5     2:00-2:30

W.O.W Word of the Week

  • omen

    definition: a sign of something good or bad to come

    Part of Speech: noun

    Created by: Class 3A

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