Who to Contact with Questions

  • Have questions about District 87 or your child's education? Please ask us.

    When you have a question regarding any aspect of your child's education, the very best place to find an accurate answer is through us. We encourage you to call, email or fax your questions. We'd be happy to provide you with clear, correct information. You'll find a complete list of district contact information HERE.

    Questions regarding...

    Homework/class assignments: Contact your child's teacher

    Student progress/grades: Contact your child's teacher

    Curriculum and Instruction: Contact your child's teacher, building principal or Dr. Diane Wolf, Assistant Superintendent of Curriculum and Instruction

    Disciplinary matters: Contact your child's building principal or Dr. Herschel Hannah, Assistant Superintendent of Human Resources

    Board of Education Policies/manual: Contact Dr. Barry M. Reilly, Superintendent of Schools

    Busing/transportation: Contact your child's building principal, or Dr. Colin Manahan, Chief Financial & Facilities Officer 

    Athletic Programs: Contact your child's coach or Tony Bauman, Athletic Director

    Special Education Services: Contact your child's teacher, building principal or Leslie Hanson, Director of Special Education

    Early Childhood Education (PreK): Contact Danel Harr, Principal of Sarah E. Raymond School of Early Education or Dr. Diane Wolf, the Assistant Superintendent of Curriculum & Instruction.

    Breakfast and/or Lunch programs: Contact Julie McCoy, Director of Food Services.

    Uniform Complaint Procedure: Contact Dr. Herschel Hannah, Assistant Superintendent or Dr. Diane Wolf, Assistant Superintendent