Library Expectations
  • Be Ready, Respectful, Responsible and Safe.  

    This plan is our continuing effort to make Sheridan School a positive learning environment for all.                                                                                                                                        

    Media Center Rules

    1.  Be Ready

      -Be prepared with library books and supplies.

    2.  Be Respectful

      -Speak with permission and in appropriate tones. (No put downs!)

    3.  Be Responsible

      -Listen to and follow directions the first time.

      -Complete assigned work and tasks promptly.

    4.  Be Safe

      -Keep hands, feet, and objects to self.

    Those children who choose not to follow these rules will receive the following consequences.

    1. Verbal warning

    2.  Behavior checkmarks

    3. Loss of computer time

    4. If behavior does not improve I will continue to be in touch with you.


    For chronic problems In-School or Out-of-School suspensions will apply