Library Checkout Procedures
  • First grade through fifth grade check out library books from the Library Media Center each week.  See below for more details on each grade.

    Kindergarten students do not check out books from the school library. Mrs. Sutter reads aloud two books each week.

    1st Grade
    1st grade students will begin checking out books in the middle of September. They will have a special library book bag to safely store their book in. Please find a doorknob in your home to hang the book bag on.

    2nd Grade
    2nd grade student will check out one library book per week. When the classroom teacher feels they are ready to progress into chapter books the students will bring an invitation to the library with them every week. This invitation is their responsibility to keep track of (chapter books are very motivating). 2nd grade appropriate chapter books are shelved in a special section to assure that your student is not reading something too mature for their age.

    3rd- 5th Grade
    3rd, 4th and 5th grade students checkout one Reading Counts book at their teacher assigned color per week. When the student has shown responsibility by returning or renewing their book five times in a row they will be encouraged to check out a second book that is anything of their choice (2nd book doesn’t have to be for Reading Counts).