• About Mr. Allen:
    Mr. Allen is in his eighteenth year as a teacher, eleventh year as an early reading specialist, and fifth year at Stevenson. He is an alumni of Bloomington High School (class of 1995), and lives in Normal with his wife Wendy and sons Peter (10) and Theo (7). 

    About Reading Intervention: Reading intervention is for students to work on specific targeted goals designed to increase their skills as a reader and writer. 

    Remote Learning: During remote learning, Mr. Allen will be supporting first grade classrooms and performing reading asssessment on students. As the year gets further underway, he will begin working with individuals and small groups on targeted reading skills both during the 9:00 - 12:10 synchronous classroom time and the 1:30 - 2:30 small group time.

    Home Support: Here are some tips, resources, and activities you can use to further support your student's literacy at home.

    Your child's classroom teacher will provide reading material resources. Any way your child reads - independent, listening, shared, looking at pictures - should be encouraged. Any type of reading material is also just fine. Their interest is more important than the book being at their level. Don't push them to the point of frustration. Keep it light and fun. Talk about what they're reading so the focus is on their understanding.

    Your student's teacher should also have provided writing prompts. Having them talk through what they want to write is very helpful in terms of generating ideas and building confidence to start. Encourage them to spell to the best of their ability, and help them on words that are long or difficult.

    Click below for specific grade-level skill practice tips.

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