Academically Advanced Program

  • Bloomington Public Schools serves students with a variety of abilities and needs.  Bloomington Public Schools is committed to meeting the needs of all students.  We recognize that some students have specific academic talents and need to be challenged at high levels.

    Bloomington Public Schools District 87 provides differentiated programming for students in reading and mathematics. 

    Bloomington Public Schools will:

    • Use a variety of assessments on an ongoing basis to identify the unique needs of students.
    • Ensure ongoing staff development opportunities to prepare district educators to provide appropriate differentiated instruction based on student strengths and needs.
    • Offer students appropriate modifications and extensions of the standard curriculum including interaction with peers with similar strengths, needs and interests.
    • Create opportunities for students to use the community as a resource in the development of their interests and talents.
    • Challenge students to develop creativity, expand problem-solving skills, pursue independent study and explore personal interests beyond the standard curriculum.
    • Assist all students in fulfilling their academic potential.


    Students at the elementary level are placed in classrooms with teachers who have been trained to differentiate instruction for students with academic talents.  The classroom teacher uses his/her expertise to determine ways to differentiate lessons and activities to meet the needs of these students.  Not all lessons, assignment and activities are differentiated. Students at the fifrh grade can also participate in higher level classes at the middle school.

    Middle School

    At the middle school level, students often participate in higher level classes.  Students have the opportunity to earn high school honors credits while at Bloomington Junior High School.  For more information about course options, visit the BJHS website.

    High School

    At the high school level, students may participate in honors coursework.  Honors courses provide additional challenges for students with academic talents. Bloomington High School also offers a variety of Advanced Placement (AP) courses.  These high level courses offer students the option of earning college credit by passing an advanced placement test at the end of the semester.  For more information about honors and AP courses, visit the BHS website.