Reading Intervention Program

  • All elementary schools periodically assess students' reading skills to ensure that all students are making progress in building reading skills.  Sometimes students have difficulty with strengthening their reading skills.  We believe that it is important to provide intervention for students who begin to struggle with reading.  Bloomington Public Schools provides reading intervention in two main ways:

    • Before or After School Reading Programs - Several schools use grant funds to provide before or after school reading programs for students.  Teachers identify students who would benefit from additional reading instruction and practice.  These students are invited to participate in a program meeting for 45 minutes to a hours.  Students work in small groups with a certified teacher on lessons and activities designed to boost their skills.
    • Title I or Reading Improvement Reading Intervention - Several schools have Title I or Reading Improvement teachers who assess students periodically and work with small groups of students to improve their reading skills.  Reading intervention generally takes place during the school day.  These Reading Interventionists are specially trained to identify the specific difficulties that students have and to devise lessons to help students improve.  Reading Interventionists also work closely with the child's classroom teacher.

    Bloomington Junior High School supports the improvement of reading skills by offering courses taught by reading specialists to students in grades 6 through 8.  In addition, Bloomington High School offers a Techniques in Reading course for 9th grade students in need of additional reading instruction.