• MLA Parenthetical Citation AKA In Text Citation


    When to use:  When you paraphrase someone else’s work or when you use a direct quote.  Any in-text citations you use need to be on your works cited page.

     Citing a Book: 

    In-Text Citation:  In parenthesis, you need to use the author’s last name and the page number you found your information.  This is placed after the paraphrase or direct quote.  If you use the author’s name in the text, then you would only put the page number in the (). 

     Multiple Authors

    Put both author’s last names and the page number in ().

    Example:  (Stegeman and Miller 212)

    Same Last Name

    Put the author’s first initial. Last name page number in ().

    Example:  (Y.Nicoson and E.Nicoson 55)

    Same Author, different works

    Use the author’s name in the text and put just the name of the work in () with the page number.

    Example: Stegeman wrote How to Teach English and A Writer’s Journal.  Citing his work would look like this:  (How to Teacher English 89) AND (A Writer’s Journal 55)


    Citing a Website:

    Put the name of the website in ().  There is no need for a page number and you can shorten it if it is long.

    Example:  (www.cnn.com)