• Please see the assignments listed below. These can also all be found via Google Classroom using your BACC/District 87 log-in. 

    Hello everyone!!!!!!! It's been SO fun seeing and hearing from so many of you! That has made my heart very happy! Hopefully, this time is going relatively fast for you -- heck, it will be the middle of April next week!

    As far as assignments for next week are concerned, they are now organized a little differently. The topics were getting to be too much to weed through, so we'll see if arranging by date is easier for you. I'm welcoming any comments about that!

    You are still loved, still missed and still thought of ALL THE TIME! Any needs of any kind, let me know!


Remote Learning Assignments

  • Thursday 5/21: pp Lab 107.3 Hair Design Skills

  • Wednesday 5/20: Way Back Wednesday 1980's

  • Tuesday 5/19: Zoom You!

  • Monday 5/18: Sam Villa video

  • Friday 5/15: Make-Up Day

  • Thursday 5/14: PP Lab 107.15 Thermal Design

  • Wednesday 5/13: Way Back Wednesday!

  • Tuesday 5/12: Zoom You!

  • Monday 5/11: Color Correction

  • Friday 5/8: Banking Module 7

  • Thursday 5/7: PP Lab 107.12 Fingerwaving

  • Wednesday 5/6: Way Back Wednesday!

  • Tuesday 5/5: Zoom YOU!

  • Monday 5/4: Independent Contractor vs Employee

  • Friday 5/1: MAY-ke Up Day