• Wolf howls serve as GPS systems, sing-alongs and fire alarms -- all rolled into one. In fact, the purpose of wolf howls isn't terribly different from the reasons humans raise their voices to the wind and sing. 

    Wolves are speedy. They can reach speeds of 40 mph for short periods and can go all day at a 5mph trot.  Wolves have small webbing between their toes that aid them in swimming. Wolves can swim 8 miles or more.  Wolves can sprint 36 to 38 miles per hour for short distances. They trot at 5 miles per hour.

    Wolves can be art too!  Many artists use wolves as their subjects when taking photos, drawing, sculpting or painting.  Can you draw a wolf?  Click here to learn how to draw a wolf.

    Collage or wolves running, carrying a book, howling, footprints and a wolf painting


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