• Will this credit transfer to the college I want to attend?
    The short answer: it depends! The Illinois Articulation Initiative (IAI) ensures that this credit WILL transfer to more than 100 colleges and universities in Illinois. You can also look to see what requirements the classes will satisfy at the schools you are looking at by clicking the link here. Schools outside of this list may also choose to honor the credit, but it may become elective credit instead of counting for specific graduation requirements. 
    How much dual credit can I earn in high school?
    We don't currently have a limit! For example, a senior that takes ENGL 101 and 102, SCED 105, and a dual credit class at BACC would graduate with 12 college credits (almost a FULL semester!).
    How much money am I saving by taking dual credit?
    Heartland is currently charging $161 per credit hour. Each of our dual credit classes earns at least 3 credit hours, meaning you are saving around $483 per class!
    Who should take dual credit classes?
    Students that are interested in attending college should consider adding a dual credit class. Some classes require a placement test. 
    What is the difference between dual credit and AP classes?
    Dual credit classes mean that you are getting college credit for earning a C or better, assuming the college you attend chooses to accept the credit. AP classes are preparing learners to take the AP test at the end of the year. Certain scores can earn college credit.
    Can I take both AP and dual credit classes?
    The short answer: yes! However, students who are in AP Language and who do well on the AP test are recommended to take AP Literature as well.

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