• If you cannot find the answer to your questions here, contact Mrs. Cottrell by e-mail at cottrelll@district87.org or through the school office at 309-663-2351.
    Q:  How often will my child visit the Library Media Center?
    A:  All classes, Kindergarten through fifth grade come to the LMC once a week for a                        scheduled 40 minute instructional time.

    Q:  How many books does my child check out?
    A:  Kindergarten, first, and second graders check out one book per week, while third, fourth,          and fifth graders check out two.

    Q: How long do students keep their library books?
    A:  All library books are due one week from the day they are checked out. 

    Q:  Can my child renew their library book?
    A:  Yes, renewals are done for one week at a time.  A student may renew a book multiple                times as long as it is not on hold.

    Q:  What happens if my child has an overdue book?
    A:  Students with an overdue book are not permitted to check out additional books until the        late book is renewed or returned.

    Q:  What should I do if my child loses or damages a library book?
    A:  Contact Mrs. Cottrell with a note, e-mail (cottrelll@district87.org), or by phone                            (309-663-2351).  She will give you a bill with a replacement cost and work out a                         payment schedule with you.