• At the beginning of the school year, based on previous school year work, Bloomington High School presents Academic Monograms to eligible students.

    The criteria to receive a monogram at the Academic Achievement event is as follows:

    1)  Student must be a full time student (at least 6 credit hours per year).

    2)  Cumulative GPA must be 4.4 or higher.

    3)  No semester grade lower than "C" allowed.

    4)  Students initially qualify for the award after completion of their sophomore year (12 credits minimum).  A student who does not qualify after the sophomore year can still qualify after their junior year.

    5)  Transfer students can qualify for the awards after one year at BHS (assuming that they meet all other criteria).

    If you have questions regarding Academic Achievement, please contact Mrs. Pearl in the main office at (309) 828-5201 or pearlt@district87.org.