• Our Mission Statement

    All Oakland School students will learn and succeed.


    Our Belief Statements

    We believe education is a shared responsibility among students, staff, parents, and the community.

    We believe in the OAKLAND FAMILY concept of trusting and caring.

    We believe high expectations promote academic and behavioral success.

    We believe all students learn at different rates and with different styles.

    We believe a positive self-concept is vital to learning.

    We believe the curriculum must be sequentially defined.

    We believe instructional time should be carefully guarded and wisely spent.

    We believe in the importance of enrichment and intervention.

    We believe developmental readiness is an important factor in a child's school success.

    We believe learning needs to be current and relevant to succeed in the 21st Century.

    We believe all evaluation and assessment should be tools to promote student success.

    We believe a positive school climate is crucial to learning.

    We believe leadership includes support, consistency, and communication.

    We believe staff development should be relevant and ongoing.

    We believe in recognition of student and staff achievement.

    We believe the foregoing must be supported by resources, facilities, and scheduling.