• Parents are welcome to visit Oakland School. All visitors, including parents, are required by state law to first sign in at the office before heading to the classroom or lunchroom - even if you are only planning a quick visit.

    It is always best to arrange visits with your child's teacher in advance. Scheduled visits allow you and the teacher to identify the types of activities that would be the most informative and interesting for you to observe, while at the same time, cause the least amount of disruption to the learning environment for all students in the classroom.

    If you do not schedule a visit with your child's teacher, please realize you may not see the type of activity intended. For example, the students might be taking a test or working in another classroom. If you choose to visit on the spur of the moment, please be respectful of the following guidelines:

    • Be a silent observer unless invited by the teacher to participate.
    • Please do not attempt to engage the teacher with questions about your child or the lesson with students present.
      Parent-Teacher conferences should be scheduled in order to include adequate time for dialogue.
    • Please do not engage your child or other students in conversation or silent communication. Students should be focused on the teacher or the activity.

    Parents are welcome to join their child during lunch at any time. Parents may bring a lunch from home or a restaurant (no soda or peanut products please). If you plan on eating a school lunch, call the office by 9:30 am so we can add you to our lunch count.