Thank you for joining us this year. Our teaching team is excited to work with you this year. Please reach out throughout the school year and join us for school-wide activities. We'd love to see you. 


    Fifth graders are expected to complete homework each night. Families can expect a predictable assignment each evening, so an assignment book is not necessary. Please support your child by helping to find the time and space to complete homework. There's no need for arguments at home, though. If your child is struggling, just reach out to a teacher. We want to help!

    Children should spend at least 30 minutes each day reading (outside of school). Most of the time, students will spend time reading novels at home. Expect your child to bring home an ELA folder each day that shows their reading goals for each quarter. Families can help by asking their students about what they're reading and encouraging them to progress on a daily basis. Setting aside time to read each day is crucial. Be creative! Sometimes, reading in the car between other activities can add up to more than 30 minutes. Reading outside of school makes a huge difference, so please help your child build stamina now. It will pay dividends in the future.
    For math, students should spend 10 - 20 minutes each evening completing math activities and practicing their basic facts.
    Sometimes, children may need to complete schoolwork that wasn't done during the day due to an absence or time out of the classroom (visit to nurse, behavorial/emotional issue, time with another teacher/principal, etc.). This homework will take additional time, so we encourage students to attend school daily and stay in class as much as possible during the day.
    We offer Scholastic book ordering several times a year. Click here to place an order! Our class code is HGD4W.