SEPTEMBER 28th-OCTOBER 2nd: 


    Parent-Teacher Conferences Monday, Oct. 5th and Wednesday, 7th: Administration is asking us to focus conferences on our students who are struggling with remote learning at this point in the year. If your child is currently successful with remote learning, there is no need for you to schedule a conference at this point, and we will be mailing home postcards to these students for a job well done. If your child is struggling with remote learning, please reach out to Mr. Stombaugh ​stombaughm@district87.org​ or Mrs. Jones ​jonesy@district87.org to schedule a conference. All conferences will be held via zoom. When you reach out to Mr. Stombaugh or Mrs. Jones please identify which time frame works best for your family, ideally we would like the 7J student to also participate in the Zoom call:

    Monday, Oct. 5th: Wednesday, Oct. 7th  3:00-4:00, 4:30-5:30, 5:30-6:30

    Wednesday, Oct. 7th: 3:00-4:00, 4:30-5:30

    We will send an email response with a specific date/time as well as a Zoom link to attend the conference. Your conference will most likely be conducted with your student’s Roundtable teacher, however, that teacher will have information about all of their classes.

    Geography Mr. Stombaugh:  stombaughm@district87.org

    • Assign #10: Subfields of Geogrpahy
    • Assign #11: World Population

    Reading: Mrs. Bounds: boundsn@district87.org

    First Chapter Friday and Short Story working on vocabulary/story map

    Science Ms. Jensen (long-term sub): jensenr@district87.org 


    We will be doing a quiz over "The Scientific Method" and beginning a chapter study on the "Tools of Science".

    Language Arts: Mrs. Riley: rileyj@district87.org 


    English Language Arts for the week of September 28th

    We will continue our review of parts of speech and begin our primary grammar study: sentence patterns. Sentence Pattern #1 homework will be due 9/30 or 10/1 depending on the class period


    Math 3: Mr. Jones: jonesmalik@district87.org  

    * Solving Equations with variables on both sides
    *Equations with distributive property 

    Math 2: Mr. Jones: jonesmalik@district87.org

    *Adding Rational Numbers
    *Subtracting Integers


    BILINGUAL: MRS. JONES:  jonesy@district87.org 


    ESL Geo- Climate Zones

    BIL- Seveth grade story- & activities 
    Newcomer- Conversations