Monday, November 23rd-Friday, November 27th

    NO SCHOOL: Wednesday, November 25th-Friday-November 27th

    Geography Mr. Stombaugh:  stombaughm@district87.org

    • UNIT 2 TEST on United States and Canada on either Monday, Nov. 23rd or Tuesday, Nov. 24th (THE LAST DAY FOR ANY WORK FOR THE US/CANADA UNIT

    Reading: Mrs. Bounds: boundsn@district87.org

    Continue with our Identity Unit and Mrs. Nicoson will discuss book checkout options 

    Science Ms. Janssen (long-term sub): janssenr@district87.org 

    We are working on the PROKARYOTIC cell unit.  Each student should know their research assignment for creating a WANTED POSTER for this Bacteria culprit. Please go to Skyward and check for missing assignments.  Many students have missing assignments that are affecting their second quarter grades.  Completion would certainly help raise their grades.  Also-- I am offering 1 extra credit point for students who choose to share their cameras and keep them on during the class for the entire week.  The students will have the opportunity to earn 5 extra  credit points, which should be enough to raise their science grades. Please encourage your student to contact me and set up a zoom during office hours if there is anything they do not understand or anything they need help with


    Language Arts: Mrs. Riley: rileyj@district87.org 


    All students should have turned in their final drafts of their personal narrative. Tuesday, 11/24 will be the last day that daily work for the narrative unit will be accepted late. 

    Math 3: Mr. Jones: jonesmalik@district87.org  

    Finish Test

    Math 2: Mr. Jones: jonesmalik@district87.org

    Finish Test 

    BILINGUAL: MRS. JONES:  jonesy@district87.org 


    Newcomer- Thanksgiving writing

    BIL- Creative writing 
    ESL GEO- Regional divisions- (hw if not finished