• Curriculum & Instruction

    "Excellence in Education"

    The Curriculum & Instruction department is committed to developing and supporting quality instructional programs, sound assessment practice, professional development, and special services to inspire all learners to achieve excellence.

About Curriculum & Instruction

  • The Department of Curriculum & Instruction exists to support the achievement of six district-wide goals:

    • Through innovations in curriculum, assessment techniques and training of our professional staff, all students will be challenged to reach their full potential.

    • We will continue to provide an educational environment that promotes respect for, and an appreciation of diversity among students, staff and the community.

    • All students will read proficiently at each grade level as evaluated using District assessments.

    • All students will communicate clearly both verbally and in written form at each grade level as evaluated using District assessments.

    • All students will acquire the mathematical skills and concepts at each grade level, as evaluated using District assessments, to ensure their successful completion of algebra and geometry by the end of tenth grade.

    • We will recruit, retain, train, support and recognize an outstanding diverse teaching staff, support staff and administration that reflects the student population of Bloomington Public Schools District 87.


    The Curriculum & Instruction Department plays a significant role in the following District 87 activities and/or programs:

    • Selection, development, alignment and implementation of all curriculum areas for Pre-K through grade 12;

    • Planning and coordination of district-wide student assessment;

    • Planning and coordination of district professional development;

    • State and Federal grant programs including Title I, Title II, Title IV, Title V and Reading Improvement grant;

    • Analysis of student achievement information;

    • District 87 Summer School; and

    • Other programs and activities related to curriculum, instruction, assessment and student achievement.