• Dual Credit in 2019-20


    Attention BHS Sophomores and Juniors: If you are interested in taking a dual credit class at BHS with Heartland Community College (HCC) in 2019-20, you must apply and take the placement test this year.


    Dual credit classes are listed in the 2019-20 BHS Course Guide on page 7, along with cost savings information. All dual credit classes at BHS are FREE to ALL students.


    Click here for the BHS Course Guide:



    Deadline for BHS students to apply to HCC: Friday, January 18, 2019

    Deadline for BHS students to take the placement test: Friday, February 15, 2019


    Please go to www.heartland.edu or use the link provided to apply and find out about dates for placement testing:




    Questions? Please call your advisor at 309-828-5201 or email her.


    Last Name   Advisor                 Advisor Email

    A-F             Mrs. Common        CommonS@district87.org

    G-Me          Mrs. Elver              ElverE@district87.org

    Mi-Pa          Mrs. Michels          MichelsC@district87.org

    Pe-Z           Mrs. Crowder         CrowderS@district87.org

    Seniors       Mrs. Gardner         GardnerS@district87.org