• Expectations

    Being Respectful, Responsible and Safe is part of our school credo. 

    In the Library Media Center we show these qualities by doing the following:

    1) Being Respectful

    • Listen to and follow directions the first time
    • Raise your hand and do not interrupt
    • Use kind words and a kind tone of voice
    • Leave no trace

    2) Being Responsible

    • Take care of books
    • Use the bathroom before or after library
    • Checkout and return books on time
    • Leave toys, drinks, food and gum at home or in a classroom

    3) Being Safe

    • Walk, don't run
    • Use chairs, computers and equipment properly
    • Keep books you checkout in a safe place



    If students choose not to follow these expectations they receive

    1. A warning, explaining what the student needs to fix
    2. A mark
    3. Loss of computer time
    4. If behavior becomes too disruptive or does not improve from week to week, the student will receive an Office Referral. 

    If you have any questions or concerns, please call Kerrie Huizinga (library media specialist) at 309-827-8091 or email huizingak@district87.org.