How to remotely apply for a work permit (14 and 15 year old BHS students only)

  • Work Permit form for employers to fill out

    Remote Instructions for applying for a Work Permit (14 and 15 year olds only)

    1. Download and print the form on our Guidance website under Work Permits. 
    2. Have the employer who will hire you fill out the application called Statement by Prospective Employer and give it back to you right away. Some employers have their own form and that is fine.
    3. Scan or take a clear photo of the completed form 
    4. Scan or take a clear photo of your Birth Certificate
    5. Email both the completed form image and birth certificate image to Mrs. McCormic at 
    6. In the body of the email have your parent give permission for you to work  

     Once you email me with the form, birth certificate and note from parent, I  will check your grades.

    If your grades are fine at the time you submit your paperwork I will email you your work permit. You will email the work permit to your employer; ask them what email address you can send it to for their records.