Dr. Barry M. Reilly, Superintendent

  • Dr. Barry M. Reilly, Superintendent

    Dear District 87 Community,


    The 2018-19 school year is proving to be a very productive school year. We will continue to focus our attention on student achievement, expanding our knowledge and use of our one-to-one pilots, fiscal responsibility and hiring the best talent to work with our students. I am proud to be a part of a district that prides itself on helping students achieve to high levels and is committed to continuous improvement.


    Student achievement continues to be a top priority across the district.  Our staff continues to work very hard aligning our curriculum to the Illinois State Learning Standards.  The updated standards for English Language Arts & Math are clearer, deeper and more rigorous than before.  Our experience has taught us that each time we raise the bar, our students meet and exceed our expectations.  Parents of students will learn more about these standards from teachers and building principals throughout the school year. 


    We continue to implement more one-to-one curriculum across the district.  Pilot programs are underway at several elementary schools as well as our junior high and high schools.  We continue to research best practice teaching methods and explore options for making sure all students have access to high speed Internet while away from school.  We recognize that this is very important to you as parents and community members so every student has an equal opportunity to take advantage of all that our curriculum has to offer.


    The District 87 Board of Education provides key oversight to ensure fiscal responsibility.  Steps have been taken to address recent deficits caused in large part due to declining revenues at the federal, state and local levels.  Despite the financial challenges, the Board of Education continues the commitment to excellence across the district.


    The staff at District 87 takes great pride in helping our students achieve to their highest potential.  The staff is very professional, well-trained, and dedicated to meeting the needs of our students.  I would encourage parents as well as members of the community to be active partners in the education of our students.  Together, we can accomplish great things. 




    Dr. Barry M. Reilly

    Superintendent of Schools