• Schools and Facilities

    District 87 covers about 10 square miles in the city of Bloomington, Illinois. View the boundary map here. The district is home to one early education school, six elementary schools, one junior high, one high school, and one career/technical school. Contact information for these schools is listed below. If you are a prospective family interested in learning more about a school, please consider calling the building to set up a meeting with the principal or a tour of the facility. If you would like to learn more about the district as a whole, you may call the home office at 309-827-6031.

  • 1201 E. Washington
  • 1202 E. Locust
  • 1202 East Locust Street
  • 1402 W. Olive St.
  • 1403 W. Walnut
  • 1605 E. Oakland Ave.
  • 2106 Arrowhead Dr.
  • 300 E. Monroe
  • 602 W. Jackson St.
  • 901 N. Colton
  • 904 N. Roosevelt
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