BHS Library Media Center

  • Vision Statement

    The Bloomington High School Library Media Program will support an effective, fun and engaging environment where all students feel supported, educationally stimulated and comfortable seeking knowledge. The LMC will work to stimulate a lifelong search for information and love of literature.

    Mission Statement 

    The Library Media Center (LMC) is the academic and technological hub Bloomington High School.  The LMC will provide updated and relevant materials to best meet our students and teachers needs.  The environment will be welcoming and support all patrons of the school, past present and future. Through collaboration with teachers and administrations the LMC will work to provide resources to expand literature appreciation, culture, critical thinking, technology knowledge and lifelong learning skills. The Bloomington LMC will be the pathway to academic success within the school.The library media center will provide inquiry based learning and provide a space free of censorship and full of a broad range of ideas.