• Sheridan School, School Improvement Plan

    Vision Statement of Sheridan School: Sheridan School challenges all students to reach their academic potential to prepare for a productive life through a partnership with the home and community to promote the development of each child’s ability to internalize self-discipline, responsibility, motivation, creativity, and self-esteem.

    Mission Statements of Sheridan School  

    1. Academic Achievement 

    a. Sheridan will provide curriculum and instruction that inspires and engages all students.

    b. Through the use of data, collaboration and instructional support within grade level teams, the Sheridan staff will continue to evolve current instructional strategies to meet the changing needs of the student body.

    c. Sheridan staff will create and build upon curriculum maps using state standards to meet the needs of all learners and ensure that all students succeed.

     2. Behavioral Excellence 

    a. Sheridan staff will provide broad support to ensure achievement both academically and personally.

    b. Students will learn and use various strategies to develop the means and language to self-express and self-regulate. 

    3. Cultural Connectivity 

    a. Continue to develop a partnership with the Baby Fold to provide students and families with the resources the school cannot provide.  This includes but is not limited to, healthcare, food, daycare, etc. 


    *The mission is what our staff will do every day in order to achieve our vision