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    1402 W. Olive St. Bloomington, IL

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    About Sarah Raymond

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  • As the youngest students in District 87, Raymond Rookies have a lot to learn, but their teachers are willing to step up to the plate.
    Sarah E. Raymond School of Early Education is committed to serving the educational needs of 3-5 year old students, where they learn in two programs.
    The Pre-Kindergarten Program serves children who may be at-risk for academic difficulty. The Early Childhood Special Education Program provides educational and related services for children with special needs.
    Students attend a half-day program Monday-Friday, either in the morning or afternoon. The morning session meets from 8:45-11:15, and the afternoon session meets from 12:45-3:15.

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    Students learn:

    • Pre-readiness skills in a research based curriculum
    • Structured play
    • Language development
    • Social skills
    • Nutrition (daily snack provided for students)
    • Personal hygiene

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    Qualifying students also receive speech therapy, occupational therapy, and physical therapy. Parent involvement is a big piece of the positive culture at Raymond. Parents are encouraged to volunteer and attend workshops.
    Baseball is a recurring theme for the school environment and curriculum. A baseball field in each classroom represents student behavior. If the class is safe, kind and responsible each week, their player moves around the bases, ending with a treat for reaching home base!


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