• College Visitations: 

    Normally these visits should be confined to times when school is not in session, such as teacher institutes, spring vacations, etc.  All college visits that require a student to miss a day of school, must be pre-approved by BHS Administration prior to the visit.  If the college is located out of state, approval will be given for travel (one day preceding and one day following the visitation). 

    For each visitation day thus granted, the student must present to the Attendance office written verification of the visit from the school visited. If a local college visitation is taken during a school day and is over before the end of the high school day, the students shall be expected to return to school.  Failure to present written verification of the college visit or not returning to school when it applies will result in the absence being judged unapproved. (BHS Student-Parent Handbook - p. 36).