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UKnighted Program for 6th Grade Students

Hello and welcome!

The new school year is almost here! We are so excited to have you at Bloomington Junior High School this year and cannot wait to meet you. We would love to have you join us at school for our Uknighted program BEFORE school starts!

You may be wondering:

WHAT is the Uknighted Program? The Uknighted Program is a chance for students to come and tour our building, learn about what sixth grade is like, practice the daily schedule and meet the other students and teachers you will be at school with this year.

WHO will be at the Uknighted Program? Hopefully, YOU! We are inviting all sixth graders this year. You will have a chance to meet your principal and some of our sixth grade staff, as well as some of the other students that will be on your team.

WHEN is the Uknighted Program? The Uknighted Program will take place Tuesday August 6th, Wednesday August 7th, and Thursday August 8th. Your team will come for ONE of these days. The cover sheet has your team assignment.

                Tuesday, August 6thI and H teams

                Wednesday, August 7th- K and T teams

                Thursday, August 8th- N, G, and S teams

WHERE is the Uknighted Program? The Uknighted Program takes place at Bloomington Junior High from 8:00 a.m.-2:45p.m. on your assigned date.

HOW do I get there? You may be dropped off and picked up from BJHS by a parent or guardian. There will also be limited bus transportation. Students can catch a bus to BJHS from their nearest District 87 elementary school in the morning and will be dropped off there in the afternoon. Please have your student ready to catch the Uknighted bus by 7:45 a.m. on his/her assigned day.

HOW do I sign up for the Uknighted program?

Please RSVP by calling the main office or by email.  Please give your student’s name, team letter, and whether or not he/she will need bussing. You MUST RSVP by July 22nd at Noon so that appropriate preparations can be made regarding bus transportation and food services (lunch will also be served each day.)

RSVP in the following ways:


We look forward to meeting you at the Uknighted Program!  If you cannot make your assigned date, don’t worry! OPEN HOUSE for 6th graders will be August 15th, from 4:30-5:30. You can come in at any time during that hour to meet your teachers, get your locker assignment, and take a look around. Also, the first day of school, Monday,  August 19th, will ONLY be for 6th grade students.

We are smart, we are kind, we are Knights!

Aimee Oxarart

Assistant Principal