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Purple Pride Awards 2019

It is customary in our society to always recognize the highest achievers; the Valedictorian
student or the All Star athlete. Unfortunately, the vast majority of hard working, well
behaved, industrious students get overlooked. This award is intended to offer recognition
to those students that might not normally receive acknowledgment for their efforts.

The students nominated today set a fine example through their often unnoticed
accomplishments. Perhaps they have improved their academic standing. Maybe they
have demonstrated their love of learning or have shown exemplary attitude and behavior.
Some will lead by example while others will be determined to learn, no matter the
obstacles. It is with great pride that we have discovered their secret...they are among the

May 2, 2019      

Anita Cavalcante

Tyler Feltson

Charis Hoder

Colton Houck

Crew Leathers

Leslie Mayorga

Valeria Powe

Jasmine Sims

Ellie Stanley

Mollie Vetter

Jasmine Williams

Rachel Wylie