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Curriculum Information


We will use resources from the American Reading Company for our reading curriculum this year.  Every student will participate in whole group language arts instruction as well as  small reading groups. Whole group instruction will include read alouds & shared reading experiences, along with lessons in phonics, phonemic awareness, reading strategies & vocabulary.  In reading groups, students will practice specific skills and read books appropriate for their reading level. I will listen to students read regularly throughout the year to determine students' reading levels & groups and to make decisions about the focus of our reading lessons.

We will use resources from the American Reading Company for our writing curriculum this year.  We will write every day in first grade! Students will learn to write narrative, persuasive, and informational texts this year. We will work on capitalization, punctuation, grammar, and structure. We will use shared writing, teacher modeling, and plenty of practice time to accomplish this goal.


We will work on several concepts in math this year, including:

  • reading, writing, and counting numbers to 120
  • addition
  • subtraction
  • representing numbers
  • length
  • telling time to the hour & half-hour
  • counting by Fives, & tens to 120
  • comparing and ordering numbers
  • place value (tens and ones)
  • graphs & using data to answer questions 
  • geometry
  • fractions 

Whole group and small group learning experiences will be used to help children master math concepts.

Science & Social Studies

We will be learning about SO many concepts in science and social studies this year using an inquiry framework. Students will gain a better
understanding of the natural world and people & places in it. We will also
work on interacting with peers and conflict resolution skills.

Click on each link to view our first grade standards!

Reading and Language Arts Standards

Math Standards

Social Studies Standards

Science Standards