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BACC Updates

4/3 Updates from BACC:

Good afternoon BACC students and parents.  Several updates for you as we venture through Remote Learning:

First:  BACC teachers have made efforts to contact ALL BACC students--as a check-in and to prepare them for Remote Learning.  I am thrilled to say that easily over 90 percent of our students and/or parents have responded. We appreciate your response--we miss all of our students and enjoyed reconnecting with everyone.  These responses and communications will be key as we navigate through Remote Learning.

Second:  Unfortunately, due to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, BACC SkillsUSA will not be participating in the 2020 SkillsUSA modified State Leadership Conference.  BACC has a proud tradition in our participation and success in SkillsUSA at the state and national level and were confident in all of our students for this year's competitions.    We understand the disappointment this will cause and are so very proud of all the preparation our students have put into their competitions. Its a disappointment shared by all of us. We look forward to working with our SkillsUSA students in the 2020-2021 school year and continuing this tradition.  If you have any questions regarding this decision please contact Ms. Meyer at  

Third:  Our website ( will continue to update students, parents and member schools with assignments and announcements.  We will have dual credit updates, certification updates, and other announcements in the coming weeks. In addition, anyone can email, or their individual teacher, should anyone have questions or need assistance. 

Finally--we appreciate all of our BACC students and families and truly miss you.  The teachers have been working hard to ensure students continue their education and be prepared for their next steps after this school year.  We will continue to communicate with you during this time of remote learning.  Most importantly, please say safe.  Thanks. Mr. Frazier



March 30th BACC Updates

Good afternoon students and parents of BACC.  First, and most importantly, we hope all of you are doing well, staying in, and safe during these uncertain times.   


Teachers have been planning for our upcoming Remote Learning Days--we know this will be a challenge and very different for all us.  Starting Wednesday, April 1st, teachers will be reaching out to all of their BACC students, checking-in, and letting you know of the initial plans for Remote Learning.  Teachers will have posted Office Hours, and will ensure that the student knows the best means of communication with the instructor. Your best mode for communications regarding BACC is our webpage,  


We know there are many questions that you have, including questions on concepts such as grading, dual credit, certifications, and technology.  We will continue to communicate information throughout the upcoming days. Please continue to check your emails and the webpage for updated information from BACC and your instructors.  In the meantime, students, please be sure to connect with your teachers on Wednesday and stay safe!