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Dual Credit Update-- Click Here

Heartland Community College Dual Credit Information

HCC has been working with school instructors, counselors, and admin staff to protect students’ academic records, including the recommendations provided by the State of Illinois.  Several important pieces of information:

  • All learning outcomes on HCC syllabi are assessed and evaluated for final grade calculation per the HCC master course syllabus.  Grades and grading scales are not changing for dual credit.
  • Grading Options:
    • Stay in the course to receive earned letter grade.
    • Complete Removal: Students who can no longer complete the requirements for their dual credit class due to the current COVID-19 situation, may be removed from the roster without any consequences to their college transcript. In order to remove a student from your roster - the teacher must send an email to Mrs. Arbuckle by April 29th with the following information: 
        • Name of student, section, reason for drop. Students and teachers will need to communicate on all withdrawals.
      • HCC has automatically removed all students with a W listed on midterm grades. There will be no impact on their college transcript. 
    • Credit/No Credit: Student completes a form opting for a grading basis of Credit/No Credit (CR/NC on the transcript) in lieu of receiving a letter grade of A, B or C (CR), D or F (NC). Students can select this option by June 1, 2020 by completing a form that will be available. Students will be notified of this option directly via their HCC email accounts and will receive directions for how to exercise this option.
      • CR grades are accepted by most transfer institutions as credit for the course. Further, the State has issued guidance for all Illinois public colleges and universities to that affect for this Spring. There may be implications of a CR grade in some special circumstances.
      • Students earning Ds should either keep that grade if they want to keep credit for it on their transcript, or be removed from the course.
      • Students earning an F will be removed from the course.
  • Teachers will continue to grade students as normal and will receive instructions for grade entry when the final grade rosters are entered. 
  • Students needing Login/Password information for his or her HCC account need to access the HCC College NOW program information page.  Students may also: 
  1.     Check the email they entered on their HCC application for their welcome letter, which contains their login information and instructions for accessing their account. (They should check their spam/junk folder first. Then, they can email to request a copy of their welcome letter.)
  2.   Students who have their welcome letter/login information and experience difficulty accessing their myHeartland account, should connect with our IT department: (More specifically they should use this myHeartland support form if possible.)



Joliet Junior College (Culinary Arts)


  • No changes. Students have finished dual credit curriculum. 


Illinois Central College (Fire Science)


  • Fire Science 110 - No Changes. Students have finished dual credit curriculum. 
  • Fire Science 201 - Students who have not finished their ride-along hours due to the Covid-19 pandemic by the end of the class (end of May), will receive an incomplete. They will then be able to finish their ride-along hours and complete the course once they can return to the Fire Department to complete hours.