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COVID Dashboard

Weekly COVID Reporting

The following numbers reflect COVID-19 data for District 87 students and staff who are learning/teaching in the school buildings or participating in school-sanctioned activities, like sports. These numbers are collected from school nurses and Human Resources staff every Friday, with information posted by Monday morning at 10 a.m.  

Weekly counts are rolling numbers, including data from the prior week. If an individual recovers or is approved to return to school, numbers will be subtracted.

The number of students/staff on this chart currently quarantined/isolating represents those who have come in close contact with a positive COVID-19 case (in or out of school), who are experiencing symptoms, who have a sibling/household member who was required to quarantine, who have tested positive, or who have returned from international travel. 

If a positive case is confirmed in a school, families of students in the classroom will be notified via Skyward Message Center. Identifying information of the diagnosed individual will not be disclosed. For more details, see the resources below. 


Student Cases

Staff Cases

Students Quarantined for Close Contact with Positive COVID Case 

Students Quarantined for COVID-like Symptoms

Staff Quarantined for Close Contact with Positive Case

Staff Quarantined for COVID-like Symptoms

Oct. 26-30







Nov. 2-6

3 6 32  28 19 14

Nov. 9-13

7 74 54 15

Nov. 16-20

6 5 72 78 13 8