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Library Expectations
Be Ready, Respectful, Responsible and Safe.
This plan is our continuing effort to make Sheridan School a positive learning environment for all.

Media Center Rules
• Be Ready - Be prepared with library books and supplies.
• Be Respectful - Speak with permission and in appropriate tones. (No put downs!)
• Be Responsible - Listen to and follow directions the first time. Complete assigned work and tasks promptly.
• Be Safe Keep hands, feet, and objects to self.

Those children who choose not to follow these rules will receive the following consequences.
Verbal warning
Behavior check marks
Loss of computer time
If behavior does not improve, I will continue to be in touch with you. For chronic problems, In-School or Out-of-School suspensions will apply.
Checkout Procedures
All students check out library books from the Library Media Center each week. See below for more details on each grade.

Kindergarten-2nd Grade
Kindergarten through 2nd grade students will check out one library book per week. When 2nd grade students' reading level grows to an appropriate level, the teacher may give them permission to begin checking out chapter books. These are shelved in a special section to assure that your student is not reading something too mature for their age. Kindergarten-2nd grade students checkout from our E for Everyone picture book section and the Early Reader nonfiction section.

3rd-5th Grade
3rd, 4th and 5th grade students checkout one Reading Counts book at their teacher assigned color per week and one book of their choice. 3rd-5th grade students are allowed to checkout from all sections of the library. 
Library FAQ
If you can't find the answers to your questions here, contact Mrs. Zehr by email at or through the school office at 828-2359.

Q-What is the Library Media Center’s mission?
A-It is our mission in the Sheridan Library Media Center to support and enrich the curriculum, meet the needs of informational and recreational reading for our students and provide instruction and opportunities for students and teachers to become effective users of information.

Q- How often will my student visit the Library Media Center?
A- Almost all classes have one, 60-minute LMC session a week. One kindergarten class has two, 30-minute sessions a week.

Q- How many books do students check out?
A- Kindergarten, 1st and 2nd graders can check out one book per week. 3rd through 5th graders check out one Reading Counts book a week and one book of their choice.

Q- How long do students keep their library books?
A- All library books are due back in one week.

Q- Can my child renew their book?
A- Yes. Students must bring in their book to renew it. This eliminates the problem of renewing just because it was forgotten.

Q- What do I do if my child has lost or damaged a book?
A- Contact Mrs. Zehr by note or call 828-2359. She will give you a bill with the replacement cost and work out a payment schedule with you.
Why can't I skip my 20 minutes of reading tonight?