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Dual Credit at Heartland Community College

Attention Sophomores and Juniors: If you are interested in taking dual credit class(es) at BHS with Heartland Community College (HCC) in 2020-21, you must apply and take placement tests this year. Dual credit classes are listed in the 2020-21 BHS Course Guide on page 7, along with cost savings.  

Important Upcoming deadlines:

Deadline for BHS students to apply to HCC: Friday, February 14th

Group Testing will be on Tuesday, March 3rd, departing from BHS at 8:30 am

Deadline for BHS students to take placement tests: Friday, March 13th

If you have questions, please see your advisor 

A-F   Mrs. Common

G-Me Mrs. Elver

Mi-Pa Mrs. Michels

Pe-Z Mrs. Crowder

Seniors Ms. Gardner