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What will my child learn in kindergarten?

Phonics:  We will learn about letters and the sound they make.  We will work on putting together sounds to make words and begin to read.

alphabet blocks

Writing:  We will learn about how to write the sounds we hear to make words, make our words match our pictures and write sentenes.

child writing

Math:  We will work on counting, writing numbers, shapes (2D & 3D), patterns, addition and subtration.

kids counting blocks

Science:  We will investigate 5 senses, living and non-living, weather and plants.

science experiments

Social Studies:  We will learn about fire safety, holiday's, historical figures, and community helpers.

kids around the world

Social Skills:  We will use a variety of books, songs and discussions to explore our feelings, how to control our feelings and how to treat others.

inside out characters