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School Expectations

I have high expectations for my students. During the first few weeks of school, we read books and have group discussions on the importance of being safe, respectful, and responsible.  My goal is to provide a classroom family that empowers our students to be problem solvers while feeling safe and loved.  

Rewards: When students exhibit these rules they are praised and given rewards and various privileges.

  • Warm Fuzzy Jar:  Students can earn a warm fuzzy and add it to the classroom jar.  When it reaches a certain level they get to vote on a treat. 
  • Mustang Dollars: When students are following the rules they can be given Mustang Dollars by an adult in the building.  They can later use this money to shop at the Mustang Mall on Fridays.  
  • House System:  Students who go above and beyond Irvings' expectations can earn house points.  The four houses compete for points and at the end of each semester, a pep rally is held to determine the house winner.  
  • Fun Friday: Students can earn an extra recess when all homework has been turned in (responsible) and when they have demonstrated they can be respectful to others.


Consequences:  If a student is NOT respectful, responsible, or safe I will pull them aside and talk to them.  I want students to understand that every action has a consequence.  If the behavior persists I will be calling home. 

Possible Consequences: warning, talk with the teacher, taking a break at the "Transformation Station,"  note home/call home, or sent to the office with an ODR.  

Every day is a new day, with no mistakes in it.