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At Irving we have a school-wide positive behavior program called MTSS (multi-tiered support system). Each day students can earn marks for any inappropriate behavior that breaks our three school-wide rules.  The rules are as follows:

Be Respectful (Rt)
Be Responsible (Rb)
Be Safe (S)

If a student breaks one of these rules, they will get a mark on our class checklist.  The marks start over each day.  The following is a list of consequences for marks:

1-2 marks: Warning 
3-4 marks: One-on-one conversation with teacher or a timeout
5 marks: Parent contacted by teacher (note home or phone call)
6 marks: Detention
Beyond 6: Meeting with principal

Students are working to get free time, monthly prizes, or time for Friday Free Choice.

Throughout the school, if students are "caught" being respectful, responsible, or safe, they can receive a mustang dollar. Students are responsible for keeping their mustang dollars in their desks.  Every Friday, students will have the opportunity to "buy" something from the Mustang Mall.  They may buy things ranging from $1 to $20; they may choose to spend their money each week or save to buy a bigger item.