Week of 1/22/2019

Posted by Kerrie Huizinga on 1/23/2019

Kindergartners and First Graders are continuing to listen to books from the 2019 Monarch Award: Illinois' K-3 Readers Choice Award list. This week's book is If you Plant a Seed by Kadir Nelson. In the computer lab, the kindergartners are putting their mouse and keyboard skills together by typing words from the book. The first graders, are practicing finding the main message of a text using Education City. This program can be accessed from home. Please email me if you would like information on how your child can use his or her login and password.


Second Graders are continuing to learn about MS Word. In the computer lab, we will practice inserting an image and how to change text size and color.


Third Graders are working on doing research with WorldBook Online. They will each chose their own topic, read an article, record 3 facts using their own words and writing an "I wonder" question about their topic.


Fourth and Fifth Graders are using part of the their library time to take the 5 Essentials Survey for Illinois. This is the student version of the survey. All teachers at Irving also took the survey and we encourage all parents to do it as well. Here is a link to the parent survey: