Week of 2/18/19

Posted by Kerrie Huizinga on 2/18/2019

Kindergartners and First Graders are voting for their favorite Monarch Award nominated book this week! We have listened to 16 out of the 20 books on the 2019 Monarch Award: Illinois' K-3 Readers Choice Award list. Before the students vote they will play a Jeopardy-style game to help them remember the books.

Second Graders will do their SLO Type 2 Post-test. The goal of this SLO is to test how much they have learned this year about being a responsible digital citizen.

Third and Fourth Graders will take the research they did on a topic of their choice and put it in a Word Document. They will learn how to put information in a bulleted list and insert a "creative commons" photo.

Fifth Graders will review their understanding of copyright using BrainPop and its "Make-A-Map" feature.