Multi-Tiered System of Support (MTSS) is a framework for systematic and continuous improvement:

  • using evidence-based practices 

  • data-based problem solving

  • decision-making that improves academic and behavioral performance for all students

The goal of the MTSS framework is to provide appropriate interventions for all students, including English Learners and Special Education students, who need support beyond the regular classroom environment. This framework is designed to ensure District 87 achieves its mission to challenge, support, and inspire all students to learn and achieve to their highest potential in order to become productive citizens and lifelong learners. 

Tier 1: All students receive high-quality instruction and support in the general classroom. Teachers use various teaching strategies to meet students' needs.

Tier 2: Some students may need additional help beyond the regular classroom. They receive targeted interventions and small group support to address specific challenges.

Tier 3: A few students might require more intensive and personalized assistance. They receive individualized support and interventions tailored to their unique needs.

MTSS helps ensure that every child gets the help they need to thrive academically and emotionally. It's a collaborative effort between teachers, parents, and school staff to support the overall growth and success of each student.

Triangle graphic

Image: Triangle with green on bottom, yellow in the middle and red on top.  Green box reads Tier 1: Universal Supports/Core instruction, all students.  Yellow box reads Tier 2: Targeted Intervention, classroom-based.  Red box reads Tier 3: intensive Services.  Arrow pointing up the left side states Increasing intensity of intervention; continuous parent  communication.  Arrow pointing up the right side states Decreasing number of students; collaborative problem solving.