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The mission of staff and leaders at Bloomington Public Schools is to challenge, support, and inspire all students to learn and achieve their highest potential in order to become productive citizens and lifelong learners. We will promote mutual respect, an appreciation for student and staff diversity, and the importance of family and community engagement in order to provide a supportive learning environment in which students can succeed. Students will annually improve their academic skills in the core curricula, performing at least at grade level or higher as evaluated using District assessments.

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Dr. Nicole Rummel- Assistant Superintendent of Teaching and Learning
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Dr. Laura Delgado- Director of Elementary Education
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Leslie Hanson- Director of Student Services

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Jim Peterson- Director of Technology

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Kim Taber- Director of Multilingual Services

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Gina Lavazza- Director of Communications

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Leslie Blockman- IL-AWARE Grant Coordinator

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Becky Donahoo- Supervisor of Student Data Systems

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Yesenia Nicoson- PreK-12 Instructional Technology Coach

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