Building Security


Entry points to buildings are secured during the school day. All visitors and volunteers must go to the main entrance, press the intercom, and speak with a secretary. Visitors are required to register at the front desk immediately upon entering the school building and provide a photo ID. Visitors are also required to wear school-provided identification. It is the school’s policy to accept visitors only if they have legitimate business at school. Visitor’s privileges may be revoked or suspended at any time.

We use Raptor to screen our visitors. Learn more about Raptor HERE


To secure facilities, ensure a safe environment, monitor conduct, and enforce school rules, parents, students and other visitors are advised that the following security techniques may be used on Bloomington School District property, at school-sponsored events, and on buses used for the transportation of students:

  • Video surveillance.

  • Video and audio recording on all District 87 buses.

  • Motion detectors.

  • Security by police and school resource officers.

  • Patrols by dogs trained to detect drugs and weapons.

  • Breath-analyzers to detect the presence of alcohol.

No one on district property has an expectation of privacy while in common areas including, among others, hallways, parking lots, grounds, cafeteria, school buses and gymnasiums.

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