Hall of fame inductees

As Homecoming Week continues, we are excited to announce and recognize the exceptional individuals inducted into the D87 and BHS Hall of Fame! Last night, at a special reception, we celebrated the incredible accomplishments of these outstanding individuals. 🥳🎓

This year, we proudly welcomed a whopping 8 new inductees into our esteemed Halls of Fame! Each one of them has left an indelible mark and made significant contributions to BHS and/or D87. Let's give a resounding round of applause to all our inductees! 🏆👏

BHS Inductees: James Ingold (1981 graduate), W. Thomas Lawrence (1976 graduate), Tim Romani (1980 graduate), Russell Shirk (1937 graduate, passed away in 1999), and James Shirk (1962 graduate).

District 87 Inductees: (Jeff Lockenvitz, 38-year career, last position held was Washington Principal), Dr. Barry Reilly (34-year career, last post held was D87 Superintendent), and Rigo Schmelzer (BHS teacher and football coach his entire career).

To all our honorees,  we commend you for your extraordinary achievements and the positive impact you have made in our community. You are an inspiration to us all! 🙌💜💛💜💛