🌲🌳 Adventures with 7th grade at Timber Pointe! 🚣🌄 Our 7th grade knights had an unforgettable day exploring the great outdoors at Timber Pointe! 🌲🌳 It was a day packed with thrilling activities- from hiking and ziplining to boating and more. 😃 This was an awesome opportunity for our students to connect with classmates, give encouragement (those zip lines were awfully high!), and have an all-around great bonding experience in nature. 🌿🌅 We're excited to see what other adventures are in store for our amazing 7th graders this year. 🎉🌟 #OutdoorEducation #7thGradeAdventures #NatureBonding #BuildingFriendships #WeAreD87 🌲🌳Aventuras en Timber Point con los estudiantes de 7mo grado!🚣🌄 Nuestros Knights de 7mo grado tuvieron un día inolvidable explorando las áreas al aire libre de Timber Point!🌲🌳Fue un dia lleno de actividades divertidas desde escalar y pasear en la tirolesa, hasta pasear en bote y mucho más. 😃 Esta fue una gran aventura para que nuestros estudiantes conectaran con sus compañeros de clase, se animaron unos a otros (las tirolesa eran bastante altas!) y tener una gran experiencia en relación con la naturaleza.🌿🌅 Estamos muy emocionados de ver las increíbles aventuras que aún les esperan a los estudiantes del 7mo grado este año escolar. 🎉🌟 #EducacionenelExterior #Aventurasdel7moGrado #RelacionandoseconlaNaturaleza #ConstruyendoAmistades #SomosD87
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Kids in boats on shore
4 Girls posing for the camera
Girl getting strapped in for the zip line
Girl in a kayak
girl in kayak
Lifeguard watching the students in boats
Boy in a zip line harness
Boy zip lining
girl climbing
students wearing hard hats
The Superstars' incredible and "novel" night at Bent's Family Literacy Event! 📖🎉 The turnout was amazing, and there were good times and lots of reading all around! Let’s keep the good times going and keep on reading! 🌟📚 #FamilyLiteracyEvent #ReadingTogether #BentSuperstars #WeAreD87 ¡El Evento de Literatura en Familia y noche de “novela” en la escuela Bent estuvo lleno de increíbles superestrellas! 📖🎉El resultado fue maravillosos, fueron grandes momentos y gran tiempo de lectura por todos lados! Mantengamos los buenos momentos y continuemos leyendo!🌟📚 #EventodeLiteraturaenFamilia #LeyendoJuntos #SuperestrellasdeBent #somosD87
2 months ago, District 87
2 girls with facepaint
Mother and son reading together
Family reading together
Teacher posing with a student that has face paint on her face
Family checking out books from a table
🚨 Attention BHS Community! 🚨 We want to inform you about an upcoming lockdown and evacuation drill that will be taking place this Friday morning at BHS. This drill is an essential part of our ongoing commitment to ensuring the safety and well-being of all students and staff. During the drill, you may notice an increased police presence in the area, as our school resource officers collaborate with the Bloomington Police Department. Please rest assured that this is a carefully planned exercise, and there is no cause for alarm.
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Important Information graphic
📣 Hecho Con Amor - Made with Love! 📣 The Spanish for Heritage Speakers II class celebrates Hispanic Heritage Month 🎉 by decorating the halls of BHS with pictures and drawings that represent the richness and diversity of the Hispanic culture. 🖌️🎨 A big GRACIAS to the class for sharing their "hecho con amor" decorations within the halls of BHS! #HispanicHeritageMonth #BHS #WeAreD87 📣¡Hecho con Amor - Made with Love!📣 La clase de Español para Hispanohablantes ll celebró el Mes de la Herencia Hispana🎉 decorando los pasillos de BHS con fotos y dibujos que representan la riqueza y diversidad de la Cultura Hispana. 🖌️🎨 ¡Un enorme GRACIAS a la clase por compartir con nosotros las decoraciones en el pasillo de BHS de “hecho con Amor”! #MesdelaHerenciaHispana #BHS #SomosD87
2 months ago, District 87
Class posing with their signs in the hallway
Heritage Month
students making signs to hang in the hall
It's a gorgeous day in Uptown Normal for The Day of Play! Stop by and say hi to some D87 staff and join us in a few games at the Sarah Raymond table!
3 months ago, District 87
2 D87 students smiling!
a family playing a game at D87
Sarah Raymond table
picture of the street in uptown normal
📣 Just a friendly reminder! 📣 No school for our students tomorrow, Friday, September 22. It's Teacher Institute Day, dedicated to professional development and growth for our amazing teachers! We can't wait to see all our students bright and early on Monday, September 25! Enjoy the long weekend, everyone!
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No school graphic
🏈 Are you ready for some Friday Night Football? 🏈 Our Raiders are gearing up to take on Normal Community at NCHS this Friday Night! Here's some important info you need to know for the game: 🎟️ Ticket Prices: Adults: $5, Students (Jr and Sr. High): $3, Elementary Students: $1, 62 years and over: Free 👥 Elementary and Junior High Students: Must be accompanied by an adult for ticket purchase and game entry. 🔖 High School Students: Must show school ID/proof of identification of enrollment for entry to the game. 🚪 Entry for Non-NCHS High School Students is through the visitor’s entrance. ⏰ Ticket Sales: Sales end at the start of the 3rd quarter. No entry to the game after halftime. 🕖 Gates open at 6:00 pm. 🚫 Stadium Guidelines: No outside food or drinks allowed. No bags, backpacks, or sports balls allowed in the stadium. Get ready to cheer on our Raiders under those Friday Night Lights! 🎉 #FridayNightFootball #RaidersVsNormalCommunity #GoRaiders
3 months ago, District 87
Football Game Flyer
🎉 Happy National IT Professionals Day! 🎉 Today is National IT Professionals Day and we would like to salute our D87 IT gurus, we couldn't do it without them! Thank you for all the hard work and for keeping us all connected!!! Here’s a little IT joke for all our techs (enjoy🤣) Why was the computer cold? Because it left its Windows open! #NationalITProfessionalsDay #ITGurus #WeAreD87 🎉¡Feliz Dia Nacional del Profesional de IT!🎉 Hoy es el Día Nacional del Profesional de IT y nos gustaría saludar a nuestros gurus de IT del D87, ¡no lo podríamos hacer sin ellos! ¡¡Gracias por su arduo trabajo y por mantenernos conectados!! Aquí tienen una pequeña broma para todos nuestros técnicos (disfrutenla 🤣 ) ¿Por qué está fría la computadora? ¡Porque dejo su ventana abierta! #Día Nacional del Profesional de IT #GurusdeIT #SomosD87
3 months ago, District 87
Tech team working together
Tech member working on building lightbox
tech team working on building light box
🔥🩺 BACC Students Rise to the Challenge in MISSION DAY! 🎯💪 The BACC was selected as one of two schools in Illinois to participate in MISSION DAY, hosted by the Army National Guard, 🌟🎉 This incredible opportunity allowed our BACC students to immerse themselves in a range of "missions" during the program, giving them the chance to explore various fields and life skills. From virtual reality firefighting to administering first aid/CPR, making rescues in small spaces using night-vision goggles, and entering/exiting contamination zones, our students embraced the challenges with gusto! 💥🚒 MISSION: POSSIBLE! #MissionPossible #EverythingIsPossible #MissionDay #WeAreD87
3 months ago, District 87
students in hazmit suits
student in night vision goggles
student fighting fires with virtual reality goggles
students practicing wrapping bandages
students dressed in fire fighter gear
3 students trying on night vision goggles
3 students practicing CPR
students standing in front of sign
student lifting a weight
Students practicing first aid
🔥🩺 BACC Students Rise to the Challenge in MISSION DAY! 🎯💪 The BACC was selected as one of two schools in Illinois to participate in MISSION DAY, hosted by the Army National Guard, 🌟🎉 This incredible opportunity allowed our BACC students to immerse themselves in a range of "missions" during the program, giving them the chance to explore various fields and life skills. From virtual reality firefighting to administering first aid/CPR, making rescues in small spaces using night-vision goggles, and entering/exiting contamination zones, our students embraced the challenges with gusto! 💥🚒 MISSION: POSSIBLE! #MissionPossible #EverythingIsPossible #MissionDay #WeAreD87 🔥🩺¡Los estudiantes de BACC elevaron el reto en DIA DE MISIÓN!🎯💪 El BACC fue una de solo dos de las escuelas de Illinois en participar en DIA DE MISIÓN, con el Ejercito de la Guardia Nacional como anfitrión. 🌟🎉 Esta increíble oportunidad permitió a nuestros estudiantes de BACC sumergirse a sí mismos en continuas “misiones” durante el programa, dándoles la oportunidad de explorar diferentes áreas y habilidades de vida. Desde ser bombero en realidad virtual hasta administrar primeros auxilios CPR, realizando rescates en pequeños espacios, usando binoculares de visión nocturna, entrando y saliendo de áreas contaminadas, ¡nuestros estudiantes acogieron los retos con gusto! 💥🚒 MISION:POSIBLE #MisionPosible #TodoesPOsible #DiadeMision #SomosD87
3 months ago, District 87
kids in Hazmat suits
Boy with night vision goggles
2 girls practicing first aid bandaging
Girls practicing first aid on a dummy
Boys practicing fire rescue
Boy lifting weights near 2 army guards
boys practicing first aid bandaging
Boys waiting in line
Boys trying on night vision goggles
Virtual realty fire fighting
🌟 Join the D87 family! 🌟 We have immediate job openings in our custodial/maintenance department! 🧹 Job Details: 🕒 Hours: Tuesday-Friday 3pm to 11:30pm and Saturday 7am to 3:30pm 💲 Starting pay: $19.50/hour for custodians and $32.50/hour for maintenance technicians 🌈 Plus, we offer amazing benefits! Don't miss out on this incredible opportunity to become a part of our D87 family! 👉 Hurry and submit your application today! To apply and view all D87 open positions, please visit: https://www.applitrack.com/district87/onlineapp/default.aspx #District87 #D87Family s #NowHiring
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We are hiring graphic
🏫📚 A shoutout and big thank you to the West Bloomington Revitalization Project (WBRP) for supporting Bent, Irving, and Sheridan Schools by collecting school supplies! We are grateful for community partners investing in our kids! 🙌💜💜💜 Let's give a big round of applause to WBRP and all the community partners who invest their time, resources, and support in our children's future! 🌟💪 #CommunityPartners #WeAreD87 🏫📚 ¡Un gran reconocimiento y las inmensas gracias al Proyecto de Revitalización del Oeste de Bloomington (West Bloomington Revitalization Project WBRP) por su continuo apoyo a las escuelas primarias de Bent, Irving y Sheridan al recolectar suministros escolares! ¡Estamos muy agradecidos por tan buenos compañeros en la comunidad que invierten en nuestros estudiantes!🙌💜💜💜 ¡Démosle un gran aplauso a WBRP y a todos los compañeros de nuestra comunidad que invierten su tiempo, sus recursos y apoyos en el futuro de nuestros estudiantes!
3 months ago, District 87
Bent Principal receiving donations from the WBRP
Sheridan Principal receiving donations from the WBRP
Irving Principal receiving donations from the WBRP
🌟💡 Mrs. Dossett's 3rd-grade class embraces creativity and the "Everything is Possible" Mindset with the 7 Mindsets Curriculum! 🎨👏 These Oakland Owls have been creating, innovating, and dreaming big as they dive into their 7 Mindsets! #EverythingIsPossible #7Mindsets #WeAreD87 🌟💡 ¡La clase de 3er Grado de Mrs Dossett se lleno de creatividad y del lema de “Todo es Posible” del currículum de las 7 Mentalidades!🎨👏 Los Buhos de la escuela Oakland ¡han estado creando, innovando y soñando a lo grande mientras navegan en sus 7 Mentalidades! #TodoesPosible #7Mentalidades #SomosD87
3 months ago, District 87
Photo of kids doing an art project and 7 Mindsets graphic
🏈🎉 Game Time is Approaching: The BHS Homecoming Game Just One Hour Away! 🎉🏈 Before kickoff, we want to give a special shout-out to one of our incredible BHS alumni, John Ridgeway, from the Class of 2017. Currently playing for the NFL team Washington Commanders, John has exemplified the Raider spirit and gone on to achieve great things at the professional level! We are proud to call him one of our own. 🌟🏈 In just one hour, our mighty Raiders will take the field and show Danville what they are made of! Let's go, Raiders - you got this! 💪💜💜💜 🏈🎉¡La Hora del Juego se Acerca: El juego de Homecoming de BHS está a Solo una Hora de Distancia!🎉🏈 Antes de arrancar, queremos dar un reconocimiento especial a uno de nuestros increíbles graduados de BHS, John Ridgeway, de la clase del 2017. Actualmente jugando en el equipo de Comandantes de Washington de la NFL, ¡John ha ejemplificado el espíritu Raider y ha salido a obtener grandes logros a nivel profesional! Estamos orgullosos de llamarlo uno de nosotros. 🌟🏈 En solo una hora, ¡Nuestros Raiders saldrán al campo y le mostraran a Danville de qué están hechos! Vamos Raiders - ¡Ya lo tienen!💪💜💜💜
3 months ago, District 87
John Ridgeway greeting fans
🗣️🎉 BHS had one last assembly to pump up the spirit before the Homecoming Game tonight, and boy it was action-packed!! The choir opened with the national anthem, all the fall varsity teams were introduced and walked across the field to cheers (the football team stopped to pose for their classmates😁), and both the cheer squad and dance team gave electrifying performances. And then, it was time for the moment we've all been waiting for—the introduction of our Homecoming Court and the announcement of this year's Homecoming Royalty! 💃🕺👑 Congratulations to Kamorah Carter and Chet Swank who were announced this year's Homecoming Royalty. Next on the menu- the big game homecoming game tonight! Let's Go Raiders! 🔥🏈 you got this! Mission: Possible! #MissionPossible #EverythingIsPossible #BHSHomecoming #WeAreD87
3 months ago, District 87
Homecoming Royalty
Homecoming Court
Varsity Football Team
Cheer Squad
Dance Team
Homecoming Royalty
As Homecoming Week continues, we are excited to announce and recognize the exceptional individuals who have been inducted into the D87 and BHS Hall of Fame! Last night, at a special reception, we celebrated the incredible accomplishments of these outstanding individuals. 🥳🎓 This year, we proudly welcomed a whopping 8 new inductees into our esteemed Halls of Fame! Each one of them has left an indelible mark and made significant contributions to BHS and/or D87. Let's give a resounding round of applause to all our inductees! 🏆👏 BHS Inductees: James Ingold (1981 graduate), W. Thomas Lawrence (1976 graduate), Tim Romani (1980 graduate), Russell Shirk (1937 graduate, passed away in 1999), and James Shirk (1962 graduate). District 87 Inductees: (Jeff Lockenvitz, 38-year career, last position held was Washington Principal), Dr. Barry Reilly (34-year career, last position held was D87 Superintendent) and Rigo Schmelzer (BHS teacher and football coach his entire career). To learn more about this year’s (and past year’s) inductees, visit https://www.district87.org/page/hall-of-fame But the celebrations don't stop there! We would also like to extend our heartfelt congratulations to Jeromy Bentley, a former BHS graduate, for receiving the esteemed Excellence in High School Teaching of Chemistry Award last night. Jeromy, a Class of 1995 graduate, currently teaches Honors Chemistry and Advanced Chemistry at Naperville Central High School. We are incredibly proud of your accomplishments and dedication to education! 🌟🧪 To all our honorees, whether you were recognized at the Hall of Fame reception or at the Excellence in High School Teaching ceremony, we commend you for your extraordinary achievements and the positive impact you have made in our community. You are ALL an inspiration to us! 🙌💜💛💜💛 Conforme continúa la semana de homecoming, estamos emocionados de anunciar y reconocer a los individuos excepcionales que han sido incorporados dentro del D87 y al Salón de la Fama de BHS, con una recepción especial, celebraremos los increíbles logros de estos formidables individuos. 🥳🎓 Este año damos orgullosos la bienvenida a 8 nuevos incorporamientos a nuestros famosos Pasillos de la fama! Cada uno de ellos ha dejado una marca indeleble y ha hecho contribuciones significativas a BHS y/o el D87. ¡Démosles un resonante aplauso! 🏆👏 Incorporados a BHS: James Ingold (graduado en 1981), W. Thomas Lawrence (graduado en 1976), Tim Romani (graduado en 1980), Russell Shirk (graduado en 1947, fallecio en 1999), y James Shirk (graduado en 1962). Incorporamientos del D87: (Jeff Lockevitz, 38 años de carrera, su última posición fue la de Director de la escuela Washington) Dr Barry Reilly (34 años de carrera, su última posición fue la de Superintendente del Distrito 87) y Rigo Schmelzer (maestro y entrenador de BHS, lo largo de su carrera). ¡Pero las celebraciones no acaban ahí! También nos gustaría extender nuestras sinceras felicitaciones a Jeromy Bentley, un graduado de BHS, que recibió el premio de Excelencia por Enseñanza de Química a Nivel Preparatoria. Jeromy un graduado de la clase de 1995, actualmente imparte la clase de honores de Química y Química Avanzada en la Preparatoria Central de Naperville. ¡Estamos muy orgullosos de sus logros y su dedicación a la educación! 🌟🧪 Para todos nuestros honorados, ya sea que hayan sido reconocidos en el Pasillo de la Fama de recepción o en la Ceremonia de Excelencia por Enseñanza a Nivel Preparatoria, los festejamos por sus extraordinarios logros y el impacto positivo que han hecho en nuestra comunidad. ¡Ustedes son una inspiración para todos nosotros!🙌💜💛💜💛 #D87PasillodelaFama #BHSPasillodelaFama #SemanadeHomecoming #ReconociendolaExcelencia #CelebrandoLogros
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Hall of Fame 2023 Inductees
Jeromy Bentley- receiving the excellence in teaching award
🍎🍯 Happy Rosh Hashanah! 🌟🎉 Today marks the beginning of the Jewish New Year, and Rosh Hashanah invites us to look forward to the year ahead with anticipation, embracing new beginnings and fresh opportunities. 🌙✨ It's also a time for introspection and reflecting on the past year. L'shanah tovah- wishing all a sweet and prosperous year ahead! 🎊✨ 🍎🍯 ¡Feliz Rosh Hashanah! 🌟🎉Hoy es el inicio del Año Nuevo Judio y Rosh Hashanah nos invita a observar el ano con anticipación, arropando nuevos comienzos y oportunidades.🌙✨ También es un tiempo de introspección y reflexión del año anterior. ¡L’shanah tovah, deseándote un dulce y próspero año nuevo!🎊✨
3 months ago, District 87
Happy Rosh Hashanah graphic
🤾‍♀️👨‍🍳Soccer Moms vs. Grilling Dads- that's today's theme at BHS that made for lots of fun and loads of laughs!🍔⚽ Loving the spirit our Raiders are showing up with this Homecoming week! Keep it up and go Raiders!💜🙌 🤾‍♀️👨‍🍳 Mamás de fútbol versus papás asados: ¡ese es el tema de hoy en BHS que generó mucha diversión y muchas risas! 🍔⚽ ¡Me encanta el espíritu con el que nuestros Raiders se presentan en esta semana de Homecoming! ¡Sigan así y vayan Raiders! 💜🙌
3 months ago, District 87
2 teachers in grilling aprons with a giant spatchula
student as grill dad
Students and teachers in soccer mom gear
Student carrying a grill
2 teachers as soccer moms
Four students in Soccer mom and grill dad costumes
3 soccer moms
3 students as soccer moms and grilling dads
Teacher as soccer parent
Hall monitors as soccer moms
Today is another fantastic day of Homecoming week at BHS, and today's spirit day theme is…. drumroll, please... Adam Sandler day! 🥳🎉 Students and staff are showing their spirit by channeling their inner Adam Sandler!🤩🎭 #BHSHomecoming #AdamSandlerDay #SchoolSpirit Hoy es otro gran día en la semana de Homecoming en BHS, y estamos más que felices de anunciar que el tema del día de aficionados de hoy! Tambores por favor… ¡Es dia de Adam Sandler! 🥳🎉¡Los estudiantes y el personal están mostrando su fanatismo al contactar a su personaje de Adam Sandler interno!🤩🎭 #BHSHomecoming #DiadeAdamSandler #SemanadeAficionados
3 months ago, District 87
Boy as Scuba Steve
BHS Staff as the wedding singer
One girl as Adam Sandler
Admin as Adam Sandler characters
Boy as Happy Gilmore
Girl as Adam Sandler
Boy as Adam Sandler
2 girls as Adam Sandler
Teachers as Adam Sandler characters
World Language Dept as Adam Sandler
Homecoming week at BHS is not only filled with fun and excitement, but it's also a time to recognize and celebrate the incredible academic achievements of our students! 🌟💼 Last night, we had the privilege of hosting the remarkable Academic Night, where we honored the juniors and seniors who have achieved a GPA of 4.4 and above. We also acknowledged the dedicated adults who have made a significant impact on their academic journey – including amazing teachers, coaches, siblings, parents, and more! 🏆📖 But that's not all! We are thrilled to announce that three exceptional BHS students have earned national recognition for their outstanding performance on College Board Exams. Let's give a big round of applause to Ariana Rider, for receiving the National Hispanic Award, as well as Jayla Westhoff and Kamorah Carter, who were recognized with the National African American Recognition Awards. 🎉👏 Stay tuned for some fantastic pictures capturing the spirit of Homecoming week! Let's continue to support and cheer on our amazing BHS community! 🥳💜
3 months ago, District 87
Winners of recognition for College Board Exams
Juniors and Seniors being recoginzied
Principal Moore talking to  parents/guests at high school recognition